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About Us


Pilates FLEX is a small business started on a simple idea: Pilates products curated by Pilates practitioners for Pilates enthusiasts like yourself!

Pilates equipment is an investment. For many of us-- it's the culmination of years of practice and passion. We want the best. We want to know that the equipment we're choosing for our home studios has been selected by people who know what they're talking about rather than some Big Box Retailer just looking to make a profit. 

Our selection has been lovingly selected and curated by Pilates instructors and enthusiasts who understand your passion for the practice. We pay close attention to what you want, and we make it our mission to find high-quality products created to help improve your practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what level you’re at.

We've done all the research for you-- and we're constantly adding to our assortment to offer you the best of what's out there. 

Whether that’s a brand new reformer or the perfect mat for your practice, we’re researching, testing and sharing the best products for you. 

So browse our site. We bet you’ll find something that you will LOVE!